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Red Chilli Hideaway xxx

473610_10151220730153337_1446384502_ohello again &#x1F60A

ok firstly i just wanna say – OH MY GOD INTERNET IS SOOOOO SLOW OUT HERE!!!! it is sad &#x1F61E

so yesterday we got our bags back – yey!!! it was proper Ugandan service, we got to the airport, they told us to ‘take a seat for just a minute’, and almost two hours later someone came to help us! bloody annoying (especially because when we finally got a pass to go ‘backstage’ into the luggage area we saw our bags in about 2 minutes flat) and even more especially because my bag had clearly been in some kind of large aeroplane puddle for the last two days and was soaked!!! but all is well now and we smell particularly peachy &x1F60A

so we decided to leave the luscious, lazy, jungle style town of Entebbe behind and make the journy to Kampala…a vast city we have been told would be more dangerous, more likely to rip of tourists, and far more dirty – joy! and my holy god it is.

the journey over there was fairly hectic and involved us walking in the heat with our bags into a slightly 470203_10151220731098337_677544531_ododgy slum area and getting physically wedged into a tiny converted minibus only really meant for 7 but quite clearly abused to death with daily covers of around 15-20 – its fair to say that maff sweated profusedly and i almost passed out on top of our new Danish friend Robin whome we have befriended. its seems to be the norm out here to sit on top of total strangers and pass babies and children from person to person until a suitable sized space is found for them! but all are so friendly that it doesn’t seem odd at all.

well once we got to Kampala it was like litteral pandamonium – i have NEVER seen anything like it!! how there are not 100 deaths a day i just dont know becuase there seems to be no rules on the road, and taxis, busses, motorbikes, and padestrians actaully battle it out tooth and claw for space. Because the traffic is sooo bad we had to hire the local deathtrap motorbikes just to take us to the bus stop, which was absolutely hysterical because your not actually meant to hold on the drivers, only the handles, but maff and i, 338556_10151220731503337_61381029_owith strikken white faces, and our massively heavy bags, flung our arms round each of our drivers and pretty much closed our eyes – thats after Maff pretty muc threatened my driver with death if he crashed or kidnappped me!!!! (i actually found it quite fun in the end and am looking forward to coaxing maff on for another go!!)

anyway – our hostel here is called Red Chilli and is very chilled and funky. it has a pool and a bar and our dorm room is fairly un-snorey so i am happy. still haven’t actaully been bitten yet by mozzis so keep praying for me. in my next entry i will tell you all about our attempt today at volunteering at a local pet care centre.

love to you all xxxxxx ps, maff says hi xxxxxxxx

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