Anarkalee BazzarEarly morning went to the Lahore train station with the Japanese guys as I was told that foreigners get a 25% discount on trains.

Afterward I finished at the railway station I met Amina at 11am and went all over Lahore.

We went to Anarkalee Bazaar, a few other bazaars. The Anarkalee bazaar is the Pettah equivalent (Pettah is a large wholesale shopping area in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Went to the Mineri Pakistan. This is where the resolution took place to separate Pakistan from India.

Lahore Bad Shahi Mosque

Lahore Fort Area

Masjid Wazir Khan

While walking in the Bad Shahi Mosque area this guy came upto us and offered me a guide service and I refused saying that Amina will show me around.

When we went to the Lahore fort, I went with Amina and she paid the local amount as I look like local, but I think the guide reported us because they asked for my identification at the entry point not the ticket selling point.

Since I couldn’t show any local ID I couldn’t get in, however they refunded the money…..hehehe…hence I have a picture of Anarkalee Bazzar 2the Lahore fort from outside.

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