Up at 0530 we were ready by 6 for our second game walk; we saw elephant, jackal, spurwing goose, buffalo and zebra. One of our guides reckoned he could communicate with the elephants and call them over, we were very sceptical. Back to the camp and we had toast for breakfast (no dishes required), before jumping back on our mokoro for the trip back. Umbrellas as far as the eye could see as everyone was shading themselves from the beating sun. We were treated to a couple of dances and songs by the mokoro polers during a rest stop; one was a wedding song, the other, a song about drinking.
Back on dry land we were back by lunchtime, it was still hot so the pool was the recommended remedy for the heat for Darren as Charmaine took a siesta in our cabin.
A bit of washing, our dinner, the bar and bed and we were ready for bed, ready for travelling to Namibia the next day.

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