The Area:
Towers of limestone rise through a hanging mist in a mythic setting. Rice fields with workers and buffalo set the scene between these giant towers, studded with small villages . Everything is green and lush, with a very tropical feel. The rock itself is solid and has a range of interesting features, making for a good variation of climbing. Combine this with good food, cheap living in a laid-back town and a group of good people to hang out with, and you have all the ingredients for a good time!

The Challenges:
Melting begins as soon as you start moving… sweat doesn’t drip here, it flows, almost as fast as you can possibly drink! Keeping hydrated here is key, or you can lose much weight (and energy) through sweating.
Communication poses another interesting challenge; not only is the language different, but the whole system of communicating is different. Conventional (“universal”) sign language does not seem to apply here, despite its apparent logic, they have their own system. And concepts like climbing are some of the most difficult for people in China to comprehend. However, this just makes the whole experience more interesting!


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