Crossed the border from Zimbabwe to Botswana 2 days ago.. and did a short game driver in the Chobe National Park yesterday morning.. read and slept on me hammock the whole of yesterday afternoon… and travelled from Kasane to Maun for the most part of the day today..

Will be going for a 3 day safari into the Okavango Delta tomorrow.. there will be a couple of safari walks.. and we will be venturing into the deltas on mekoro (dug-out canoes).. bush camping, and have to bring our own food and tents.. looking forward to the safari.. and hopefully the delta is as good as they say..

Maun is a pretty developed place.. rapidly growing due to tourism around the delta region.. we are entering the dry season now.. so hopefully the animals are thirsty enough and we’ll see lots of wildlife going to the delta to drink water.. and then hopefully some will chase the others and kill and eat them.. hehe… trying not to have expectations.. dun want to be disappointed.. but Ryan, a truckmate from New York, say must have positive thinking.. then we’ll see the thing we want.. also true.. so i think.. must balance..

i’m running out of cash at the moment.. and am resisting the need to withdraw more money from ATMs before i hit South Africa.. sigh.. spending more than i budgetted… but cos i’m doing all those bungi and safaris etc.. if i dun do the quad biking in the sand dunes of Namibia.. then i’ll have enough cash.. but if i want to do that, then i’ll be about US$20 short.. will definitekly have to draw some money from ATM at capetown to pay for my 2 days there and my journey to the cape of good hope.. maybe borrow money from people first and pay back at S Africa..

Finished the book “The Alchemist” a couple of days ago… an interesting read about pursuing your dreams.. nice little story but nothing life changing.. good reminders about listening to your surroundings and learning without words tho… reading a Dan Brown book on codebreaking now – Digital Fortress.. cos that’s what another truckmate has available.. so far it’s been interesting.. secret codes.. gigantic computers.. NSA.. boys stuffs.. cool..

will try to hit internet 3 days later.. and hopefully, the remaining photos will be available for upload by then..


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