i just had to take a pic of thisWhen I returned to civilization the next day I was refreshed and ready for the next adventure, which would show itself sooner than later… I enquired at the reception as to whether or not there officially was a night bus to Livingstone in Zambia because I got conflicting info between a guide book and the other reception lady. I got confirmation that there was a bus that left at 9:30 straight to the border town of Kasane. I got another surprise when I asked if a refund on my already paid for night was possible and they said yes! Woa! That’s the first time in many months and many places that a refund or giving any amount of money back was even in the cards. So I got my money back and had about 7 hours to kill sitting in the lounge/restaurant/bar area. After a few hours of admin work I thought what a better way to ride the bus all night than to do it passed out. So I proceeded to have a few beers while reading a book when a hopeful bush pilot I met a few days before joined me after his successful interview. He bought tastes exactly like it says...muskya round or too many and then a German guy (who’s life goal was to ride his bike across the world’s desserts) (and got stuck in Maun cuz he fell in love with a local girl 15 years ago) recently came back to the country from a work trip abroad was in the mood for sharing his wealth rang a bell. I thought maybe he had a good drink so he tipped and that was the bell for that….but no! In Botswana ringing of the bell means everyone sitting at the bar gets a free drink! Cool! I had a beer in hand already so I thought a shot of whiskey would be nice. Then the bartender asked single or double. I didn’t know that was an option either!!! Hahaha double it is! The guy rang the bell another time and when it was time to catch my bus I was well prepared to sleep the bumpy night away. But TIA is the reason for the season and turns out there was no bus direct to Kasane. It made a pit stop at 1:30am and I had to change buses. Much like getting to Maun, unknown circumstances posed a problem and the solution appeared as if some person was magically routing buses without a clock or timetable and no communication to any company involved but making it all happen. So I arrived in Kasane around 5:15 to find out the border was actually another few minutes away…5:45 rolls around and Im finally getting my passport stamped to leave Bots and arrive in Zambia. But then more fun cuz life! or something. There was a ferry across the river in no man’s land which I guess you don’t have to pay for? I asked a local guy to sort of help me out on where to go for the border crossing, which money changer could be trusted, and how to get to the next town. He was the one who informed me to simply not take the receipt the official was handing to everyone aboard the ferry. Apparently if you take it you have to bring it to an office on the other side and pay for the ride! So we didn’t take, and didn’t pay. Lol. Funny enough in the taxi to Livingstone, 63km away, was the official trying to hand these things out! Hahaha at about 8:30am I finally had my tent set up at the hostel and coffee in hand. Why not go to sleep you ask? Well I had a waterfall to conquer. And a swim in Devil’s Pool to boot!

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