Bus To MowiaWell in following the epic powder dump, Max, Cheech and I decided to check out Mowia – the next resort which is infamous for its back bowls, knee deep powder and serious lack of ppl.. we got our gear on and dragged our asses and onto the bus, excited like school kids going on an excursion…. I left my inner on the bus and had to wait at the bottom while Max and Cheech took the first lifts up..after waiting and waiting they made their way down, Cheech with an ear to ear smile which said it all!

The snow was a bit heavy and sticky which made riding a bit unpredictable, and ended up with me flying down a gully and doing a elegant knee-to-chin smash and chipping a tooth… but no complaints with that being my worst injury so far!

Mowia is such an awesome resort, we boarded with heaps of funky music they have blasting over the loud speakers, and there is absolutely no one there so it almost feels like your own private mountain! We explored most of the mountains, avoiding the huge cracks in the mountain as best as possible… land in one of Mowia Liftsthose things and I’lld hate to try and think how you would make your way out!!

Awesome day, def try and make it back there again after the powder dump!!

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