Start with the beginner of all creationAbby meets the police…(and so does daddy)

Its Friday night in China and this has been one busy day full of contrasts. On Thursday we spent time at a park in the city where we rode a merry-go-round for our amusement and became the amusement for the local people. Pictures are included. The people are so kind and wanted to touch the children and practice their English with us. One grandmother rebuked (kindly) Rebekah for not dressing warmly enough! We started Friday with a trip to the police station in Nanchang because they serve as the passport bureau. We had to go there to pick up Abby’s Chinese passport. in Guangzhou we will pick up her US Visa which allows her into the USA. It is an interesting order of things since the Chinese Gov’t already considers her to be ours. That’s an interesting thing in itself. The bus ride to the station was like other bus rides in the city – a cross between a roller coaster, an amusement park and a cultural showcase. The night before, we had taken a taxi to the shopping area downtown for some Chinese fast food and also to purchase some air conditioners Mommy and MEfor the orphanage. After the taxi, I am certain I am prepared for just about anything!

At 2 we left for the airport expecting smooth sailing but ran into a road block of sorts when we checked our luggage. One of the gifts I had purchased in Nanchang (at a government owned tourist shop) was confiscated by the police at the airport! As they scanned my luggage, I was summoned and informed that this particular item is illegal to own in China. True, I had purchased it at the government store but still I must give it up or remain in Nanchang. Laughing and apologizing, I left it there. (sorry sons!)

As we drove out of the city, we passed nice, modern buildings standing next to homes with no glass in the windows. A large, black, new Mercedes driving next to a man pulling an oversized wheelbarrow load of about 300 bricks… all sharing the same road.

The flight revealed again that we have a very live wire on our hands! Abby doesn’t have a seat – only a lap pass. She chose to dance on that lap for 70 minutes. We arrive at our hotel room merry go round and round and roundand she giggled, cackled, danced, dived, squirmed laughed uproariously and enjoyed herself immensely. She investigates everything. All is a first for Abby. Earrings, French fries, Cokes, camera flashes (she is rapidly getting accustomed to those), sisters (and brothers). Even her forever family is a first for this creation of God.

5 more days in China for medical appointments, paperwork, a oath taking and then look out Charlotte because here comes Abby!

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