I’ve always wanted to see a baobab in real life. I think it’s a Petit Prince thing. I just like saying Baobab in a corny French accent. Or to the tune of the Maoman biscuit ad jingle. So this is me in Madagascar, living the dream. On the whole I loved that country, despite the fact that it was so hot I sincerely considered shaving my head every single morning. Which takes me to something I found quite interesting: in more rural areas a lot of people felt the need to come up and touch my head. Not in an aggressive way or anything, they’d be giggling the whole time. It was like they were daring each other to do it. I couldn’t understand why until I was told that so many people have never seen someone with red hair. I felt like a celebrity. That’s how Posh Spice must feel all the time. We have so much in common. Anyway, that wouldn’t have happened if I’d shaved my head.

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