A life worth celebrating, Stan Rogers is a bit of a Canadian legend. For those interested in a bit of Canadiana, Maritime folk music, and an interesting story of a man who could tell stories like no other, with the voice of a burly sea captain, you’re in for a treat. A one hour musical biography on Stan Rogers is available over on Vimeo on Demand.

You’ll still hear Stan Rogers songs playing at Maritime bars in Eastern Canada or covered by musicians across the world. If you’re lucky enough, when you visit Halifax or St Johns you might just be lucky enough to catch a kitchen party and get to belt out Barrett’s Privateers like these handsome men.


He was a great singer/songwriter who touched the elusive spirit of Canada. He was larger than life. Before dying in a tragic accident at the age of 33, Stan Rogers was already well on his way to becoming a national icon. Born in Ontario, Rogers’ mother was from Nova Scotia and much of his music was influenced by his summers there. This lyrical portrait captures the man and his music and has captivated millions of viewers over its broadcast life.

Watch One Warm Line on Vimeo on Demand


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