hey guys its bin a while since the last/first blog, but its really hard to find the time to actually do these things! its bin very crazy in china. people know zero english and theres no signs/menus etc in english! its both interesting and fustrating at the same time! so anyways in beijing we went to the great wall which has some crazy crazy views, and is amazingly high….i had to take my inhaler when i reached the top its was like a 30min hike up! walked along it meeting funny chinese people and kids along the way and taboganned down which was crazy fun….people ere are like indians but worse they will sell u shit at ANY price, managed to bargin a hat for mehul from 68yun to 10yuan and i recon we couldve got it for 5!

There are live scorpians that people eat on the streets, today i saw a street seller selling rats heads! and 2 days ago a woman tried to sell me a goats skull with floating brains mmmm not a nice site!

So we’re now in Chengdu, which is a city in the sichuan province southwest china….after beijng we went to Xian (mid china) to see the terracotta warriors, and then took a 11hour bus ride down to here where the service station spot was a whole line of people in a designated area pising and shitting in the same ditch, another funny thing is most guys smoke while they squat to take a dump, and people take dumps in the middle of the busy street especially kids, i mean imagine taking a dump on oxford street, its that many people around!…..and people love spitting here also! its ok in india as the surroundings are like that but these are ultra modern brand new cities and people do this its quality! even on the bus people will let there child take a piss freely and it will just trickl past you!

the hostel im staying in is quite crazy, showers and toilets are in the middle of the yard and rooms on the outside, and they play “jai jagdish hare” and bob marley songs all day, but people are top! nearly got into a fight with a chinese crowd of men yesterday at a restaurant when my finnish friend asked him if he spoke english! he stood up shouyted in chinese, spilt his milk and stuck his middle finger up and said “tao shigh shao shing shooooooo”!!! we couldnt stop laughing which made him angrier!….

Tomorow we are going on a trip to see the panda bears….and the day after to kunminng which will take 24hours on a train!!! then a further 8 hours by bus to lijiang. these are both places that are very scenic and look amazing, plus we need break from the cities…there are a crzy amount of people in this country!…..anyways i shall try to update and also post photos on at some point when i find a decent computer!

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