Mr. BettyHello loyal fans!

THis one, it wont be serious. Or long.

So yesterday (Wednesday) I killed a goat. On purpose. Yup, I have blood on my hands (or did, until I washed very thouroughly).
On Monday Papa Jean bought the goat and brought it back to the property, where it was immediately deemed by all the worker’s as “too small”. So on Tuesday Papa Jean went to take it back and get a bigger one. Failing at that, he brought the original one back and told all complainers to suck it up. Seeing as how the goat had managed to survive our scrutinies, I decided to name it, and chose “Betty”.
On Wednesday morning Betty got the chop. No worries, animal lovers, it was a sharp knife. We (Gad, Eric and I) then hung Betty from her hind legs and started in on skinning her. It didnt take me too long to discover my mistake. Yup, Betty’s a guy.
Let me tell ya, folks, skinning a goat is ooky. Icky. Messy. FUN!!!!!
So the skin comes off (carefully to preserve what little meat Mr. Betty had to begin with), then the guts come out and are split into two Mr. Bettypiles; edible, and not. Stomach, liver, kidneys and heart make the edible pile, the rest is deemed unfit for human consumption. The rest is boring. Hack off little bits, skewer them with some onions, lather with spicy sauce and barbecue!
The fun part is what you do with the “inedibles”. Enter the hawks.
The minute we killed Mr. Betty, hawks start circling. round and round and round they go, and I try to snap a few pics. No no no, says Faustin, you have to bring them to you. So he and I start hacking bits out of the intestines and throwing them into the air, watching as three or four hawks dive and fight over the scrap. AWESOME!!!! Spent ages doing this, got a few nice pics, and a few videos, which will be posted on YouTube some other time.
The food (Mr. Betty, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, peas and veggies) was really good, but I ate too much spice and I am still suffering. But me man! Me strong! Ooga ooga! and all that jazz.
Thats it for the article. Check out the sweet pics (sorry if skinned goat isnt what you like to see).

Again, if Hawk 1you want full size pics, email me ( I dont expect many requests for the second pic of Mr. Betty.

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