The journey to Negombo took most of our day up and this bus was the most cramped I’ve been on so far.

After a dinner at a restaurant close to a guesthouse we found, Dani and I went out to find somewhere for a drink or 2. We heard music coming from a hotel close to us (one in which we were curious on how much it was to stay at, but was full). It seemed as though there was a party going on here. Strolling through the hotel out into the gardens, we were greeted by some Swedish guys. They made us welcome to the party and advised others we were their guests. They were in partnership with some rich Sri Lankan folk so was a bit of business. Dani and I danced with some of the kids to the fox song, drank beer and whiskey and ate some of their leftover buffet meal.

One of those crazy nights that you wouldn’t expect to end up having and it was kind of like a big family party.

The next day (waking up with a slight headache) we went on our booked trip to an elephant sanctuary. On route we were taken to a Pineapple plantation which was interesting to see and we got to sample fresh pineapple (at a price of course).

At the sanctuary, Dani and I started off by bathing an elephant in the river. Brushing their thick skin with hard brushes, I got stuck in. Climbing aboard the creature, we showered in her water she squirted out, which was just hilarious as Dani was in front so got a face full or few. Still on the elephant, we went for a small trek. Hayley jumped aboard and we all held each other tight (it made me happy there was no seat and we rode bare back). To end the sanctuary, we browsed a small museum and left. On route back to the guesthouse, we stopped at a Pharmaceutical type farm, so we saw the natural ingredients things were made from with the end product. Then we got given massages with their coconut oil.

The evening was spent on the beach with 2 local guys (who ended up being leery) and having a couple of beers. We spent the next day trying to avoid them as we walked down the streets.

Dani and Hayley also left the next day! It felt like the end of an era even though it had only been 10 days. Love these girls. We didn’t do much, just ate our way round town then watched the sunset in the evening. A nice end to our time together, but I wished our trip wasn’t ending.

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