Lahore, Pakistan railway staff !!!Pakistan Railway gives discounts to foreigners and students !!!!

To get the discount you got to go to the train station area and take a left turn towards the Railway reservation office. Half way between the reservation office and the train station you get the accounting office also known as the DS office.

The people there are extremely friendly.

All foreigners get a 25% discount.
All students get a 50% discount. So if you are planning to travel that “ISIC” (International Students Identify Card) is a useful thing to have.

They will ask you to get a photo copy of the following:

Passport details page
Pakistani visa
Student identification card

With this they will fill a concession form and you got to go to the railway reservation and ge your ticket.

I have not heard of any discounts on any other mode of transport.

Pakistan has a variety and an unusually colourful mode of transport. Here are a few pictures of them….

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