Panels at workDay one of the recruiting drive was intense. By the end of the day 160 people had come through the doors. While I wasn’t part of the first drive I think this round was much more organized and efficient. It was organized into several stages with each stage filtering out candidates. Stage one was a technical test, stage two was an interview with a 2 person panel. Stage three was an interview with Tray or I, and finally stage four was with HR.

We paused a couple hours into it only to emphasize that if a candidate wasn’t a fit the panels could excuse them as soon as they had determined that.

Some observations…there weren’t many women, people drove from all over (one gentleman drove 4 hours on a motorcycle to interview), lot’s of good candidates.

All-in-all, the day was a huge success. We hadn’t processed as many candidates as we had expected (up to 900 for the weekend!) but a respectable amount. Every indication led us to believe that Sunday would bring a deluge of candidates.

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