Is it Saturday already?! Just a week ago the two of us were in Beijing, thoroughly enjoying our tours of the capital, and now, in a blink of an eye, the three of us are here in Guangzhou – – and Godfrey and I can’t imagine life without our precious gift of baby Sarah. We are having a wonderful trip…it’s impossible to fully describe it all. There have been some quiet moments when I’m holding Sarah as she’s drifting off to sleep, and I can reflect on the journey that the Lrd has led us on. It’s infinitely beyond what I could have imagined. I know deep in my heart that Sarah is Father’s best for us, and we are so grateful and in awe of his plan in this miracle of adoption.

Last night at dinner, Sarah was a hit with the waitresses. She was waving and smiling, and even went off to play with them as she had done back in the Changsha hotel. Everyone kept saying “pyau lyang” (“how pretty”). She definitely is comfortable around women and loves to be held by them. We pr-y that her heart for the Lrd will be just as beautiful as Shamian Islandthe physical beauty he has given her.

It’s been so fun to be reunited as our group of 35 families after the 4 days in the provinces. Seeing some of the babies for the first time with their parents, sharing stories, and seeing pictures has been great. We keep hearing of how Father has picked just the right baby for each family. It’s been good also to have opportunities to support some parents who have had difficult adjustments with their babies for various reasons. Obviously, this week has not been easy for the babies, but for some it’s been even more difficult. It’s given us a chance to come together for prayer with some families.

I can understand now why adoption travel groups have reunions…it’s such a special bonding time to travel together to receive our babies. Our adoption agency, America World, has been first-class all the way, down to the last detail. Traveling in a foreign country and becoming parents for the first time could be very hard, but it’s been stress-free thanks to their hard work and ministry to us. AWAA is truly a Chrst-centered organization.

Health-watch: Sarah is doing fine, Godfrey has a cough/cold, Squatty Girland I’m coughing a little myself. Today I’ve had some traveler’s diarrhea. Godfrey’s gulping down juice and hot water, and feels like he’s beating back the bugs, but it’s a back-and-forth struggle. But even with that, we’re having a great time and thankful that we’re the one’s who are sick and not Sarah. Today was the required medical checkup for the babies. Even though it was extremely noisy and crowded in the small clinic, Sarah was quite patient at the three stations: height/weight/temp, general body check, and eye/nose/throat. She weighs about 8.8 kg (19-20 pounds) and passed the exam just fine so health-wise she’s been cleared to enter the U.S. So, our earlier estimate of 23 lbs was a little off (sorry to scare you, Cez!).

After the medical checkups, we went shopping to restock supplies: diapers, lots of juice (for dad too), and rice cereal. We were taken to the 6-story glitzy Friendship Store in the heart of the financial district. Guangzhou is much more affluent than Changsha. Many people are dressed fashionably and the city itself feels more contemporary…probably a little like Hong Kong? Our tour of China gives me a glimpse into our family heritage, and at the same time I wonder how many of these people know the Lrd? Godfrey wants to visit his parents’ hometown and take lots of photos and video, although his parents say that it’s totally different now after 40 years.

In the afternoon, Sarah and I collapsed for a 3-hour nap while Godfrey attended a “paperwork party”…almost 3 hours of paperwork in preparation for our appointment at the US consulate on Monday. Ah-Boo-Boo surprised me by lying quietly next to me even though she woke from her nap before I did. What a cute chick-filet!

In the evening we took a taxi to Beijing Road, a nightlife district crowded with thousands of people. It’s like a cross between Downtown Disney and Times Square. Lots of lights, eateries, loud music and shops; there was even a Disney Store look-alike. It was fun to see Sarah’s eyes wide open as we cruised around. We discovered a nice quiet Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor above the noisy crowds. Add teriyaki chicken to the list of foods that Sarah likes! (So far the only thing she doesn’t like is canned peaches.)

It’s unbelievable to me how much Sarah has blossomed since receiving her last Monday. We’ve learned so much—talk about a high learning curve! And, I love seeing Godfrey blossom as a baba (dad). Ok, time to do some dishes, boil more water, and sleep!! Tomorrow we’re going to visit a folk-art museum and see a tea ceremony. We’ll post this in the morning (Sat. evening in the U.S.) since Godfrey’s asleep and our free wireless internet connection is down in the lobby.

We’re so thankful for you! And we’re pr—ing for the PVBC family retreat. “Jo Tao” – “Good night” in Cantonese. Dad and Mom Chew, you’d laugh at how bold I’ve been in using the very limited 5 Cantonese phrases that I know. : ) People actually understand what I’m saying!

We continue to read, laugh and are encouraged by your comments! Keep ‘em coming!

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