Rio, BrazilFlying into Rio, you could see Christ the Redeemer in the distance along with the famous coast lines, along with Mount Sugar Loaf and the Olympic Stadium. Filled with anticipation we landed at Rio airport over the ocean and in no time checked into our hotel.
We wandered around the city centre, homeless people everywere …… no doubt they are going to be ushered out of the city when the Olympics are hosted. But so far not a trace of Olympic fever, no banners, no merchandise products, no sponsorship signs and only 6 weeks to go.
The next day my dream of seeing Christ the Redeemer came true boarding the tram that climbs to the top. How magnificent he his and the veiw of the most breath taking coast line that surely is the most recognised throughout the world. Mount Sugar Loaf and Copacabanna and Ipanema Beaches.

Usually the traditional way down is the same way you get up but not for these little cherries. Aparently theres a nature path or so says the boss man. So we start out on the winding road and then on to the “nature trail.” We pass a few people on the way up imagewho looked destroyed, sweaty and covered in mud, and considerably younger in age. A few say its s bit steep to dicey i think the word was, yes dicey, two young American boys definitely said dicey. We had been walking for about an hour, down a steep rocky jungle hillside. When we hit huge rocks with chains the kind you hold on too while shimmying down. Slowly and and surely we got down, not before some young girl slipped her way down grazing every inch of her legs and arms. It took us the best part of four hours to get down that mother of a nature trail.

We arrived at an old mansion with beautiful gardens called Larg Park. The home which is now a Gallery and fine arts department has the most splendid stone pool in the interior and a courtyard and resturaunt where high tea is served. We walked in covered in mud and sweat and sat to recover our ordeal. After composing ourselves we headed back to our hotel, some of us minus millions of brownie points. And as i remember somewhere up that mountain a promise of jewelery was made. Brazilian Emeralds was Rio, Brazilthe word used 😊

The next day we joined a free walking tour of the historic side of Rio, a lovely young lady took us back to when the Portugese came to Brazil and educated us in the finer points of the Portugese monarchy and government. She said as we past by a statue of Christopher Columbus “I really dont know why it is we have a statue of Christopher Columbus”…… Well maybe its because if it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus in 1452 sailing the ocean blue. The Portuguese wouldn’t have a clue were the Americas where.!

Im pretty sure that i was well behaved and didn’t say anything rude. We enjoyed the rest of the tour which took us too historic sites around the old quarter.
The next few days we hung around the beaches and we walked the lenghts of Ipanema and Copacabana each day and enjoyed people watching.

Considering Rio is a world stage for the Olympics we think its going to fall short in expectations, we hope we are wrong about this, but seeing unfinished transportation. i.e. light city rail and lack of enthusisuim in helping and welcoming travellers in hospitality and imageretail . Wake up Rio a million people are descending on your city and your country.

Feeling so negative at the moment … leaving for Miami America. Since Chilli our hearts and motivation is still very low, and Brazil didn’t seem to enthuse us in anyway. I hope this cloud lifts.

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