Mao ZedongMonday morning, I met up with Dale again and we walked to a sweet, crowded shopping/food street near the hotel. I tried scorpion, which tasted something like a seasoned curly French fry after I finally got up the courage to stick in my mouth. We strolled around the street for a while, and I also tried a stick of candy-coated fresh strawberries. Why can’t food be so tasty and cheap in the States? I avoided actually buying any of the goods, since everything I want is cheaper in Xi’an. All the tourist traffic jacks up prices in Beijing. For lunch, we enjoyed a few dishes at a local Muslim restaurant, then walked around Tienanmen Square and took a look at Mao’s tomb (didn’t go inside though, as it was closed). So cool to be able to hang out with Dale so much on the other side of the world!

Our flight back to Beijing was scheduled to leave at 6:10 pm, but after an almost 2 hour delay on the tarmac, we finally took off and landed in Xi’an late and very exhausted.

We had our volunteer placement this morning (Tuesday) again, and had more fun with the kids! Dale!I reviewed “I’m a Little Teapot” with them again and went over some English STUFF for the first hour. For the second hour, a really good Chinese teacher came to work with the kids on their Chinese tones and pronunciation.

This afternoon, some of us on the team played badminton for a couple of hours in a local gym, which was so fun! And after dinner, a few of us went to work out at the gym down the street. Tired now and about to hit the sack!

I hope and pray everything is going well for you, friend (or family member ;-)! If you feel like it, send me an email with an update and even a cool picture. I’d love to hear from you!

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