Little Mermaid, Denmark PavillonI’m not used to blog much on my regular trips to Shanghai, but this one is a little special. The Expo 2010 is nearly over. I decided to do few more pavillons before the show was over. What is also fun is my parents are in Shanghai for few days. At first, we did not plan to see each others on this middle of October, but my scheduled changed few weeks ago, and it is the opportunity for me to spend an evening with my parents.

I landed here on Monday afternoon, after a morning of meetings in Hong Kong…and a flight from Joburg to HK! Monday straight to the office and than evening with a very good friend. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent running around town for me to work. But Tuesday evening I spent 90 minutes at the Expo. In 90 minutes I went through few pavillons…Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia, Sweden, Iceland and Turkey. Turkey and Sweden were worth the short wait to get in, each time less than 15 minutes. The best of the bunch was by far Iceland…great, even at low budget..experience. The movie is beautiful, giving me the will to come to 42 years lovely parents had their honeymoon in Copenhagen.Iceland as soon as I could, speacially to dive the great divide…if you have never heard about it, just google “dive great divide”!

On wednesday…and at a point where I was wondering if I would sleep sometimes during the week, I met my parents at 5.30pm at the Expo. Meeting point, the Danish Pavillon. My parents have been married for 42 years…yes, this is great! They went for their honeymoon to Copenhagen. What is fun is that I visited Copenhagen for the first time just a month ago. The “Little Mermaid” is on loan to the Expo Denmark Pavillon for all the event…so I couldn’t see it in Copenhagen, I had to go back to the Expo, and what a better way to be back here, but with my parents!

On Wednesday, we visited Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, France and Italy (in around 3 hours). Denmark has a beautiful pavillon, as well as Finland and to be put on the do not missed pavs to visit! Latvia is very impressive from the outside, but a lot less impressive inside. France was ok, as well as Spain. Italy, wow, they did a great job, and I’m sorry I Latvia Pavillondid not come here while visiting the Expo with Leslie and Mari. We may have had this wednesday evening a queue of around 30 minutes!

Our last stop was for the Belgium Pavillon, well, actually only the restaurant for a nice meal with my parents. After dinner, it was already time to greet them goodnight. Late evening, but I had to finish few things in the office.

On Thursday morning, I met Chris and Nikki, two relatively new travelblogers, but I have the feeling we are going to see them a lot more very soon of TB. It was great to meet you guys and I’m sure we will meet again very soon somewhere on our little earth. Awaiting your blogs on China!

No lunch time for me on Thursday…too busy running, catching my flight back to home, back to my loves Mari and Leslie…but guess what, I was to stay only less than 12 hours in Bangkok. As you can guess, I’m writing this from somewhere else, after a wonderful day of new experiences.

Enjoy life, we do…and yes, next entry is coming pretty soon!

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