Have you ever heard the see-through suitcase?That is a suitcase for the traveler with nothing—absolutely nothing—to hide.

The suitcase, created by Melbourne-based Crumpler, offers an incentive to pack a perfect, tidy suitcase: The bag comes with packing cubes to keep things organized. Of course, it’s your prerogative if you don’t give a flying Airbus what people think about you and your belongings, and would like to announce your underwear choice to your fellow travelers.

Vis-à-Vis is hard-shell luggage that should make the Transportation Security Administration very happy: It’s transparent.

Unless you’re smuggling Thanksgiving gravy, firearms, oversized liquids, pork tamales, or a Buzz Lightyear toy, you won’t get into trouble with a transparent rolling suitcase.

If you’d rather not parade your private possessions, perhaps you should consider a suitcase you can ride like a scooter, or the a suitcase with built-in shelves.

And you’ll never confuse your transparent luggage with someone else’s plain, black suitcase ever again. Not only will one glance confirm whether or not the contents are yours, but we have a hunch it will be the only clear bag orbiting the conveyer belt at baggage claim.


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