Directions to Long BarThe flight to India is in the evening so we spent a day on the hop on hop off bus. We visited Little India (maybe to get a taste of what to expect), Raffles and Chinatown. At Raffles we had a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar. Each table had a bowl of peanuts in their shells on it but nowhere to put the shells so we asked the waiter. He said, throw them on the floor! Once we found out it wasn’t a wind up and that it was an old tradition, we got stuck in. Funniest bit was when a bunch of people, probably South African, came in. Tim told me they gave me the filthiest look when I casually chucked my peanut shell on the floor. Of course we then got even more enthusiastic about shelling peanuts and discarding them.

Evening flight into Delhi where we were met by the tour leaders. Man it was hot and steamy as we came out of the air-conditioned airport lounge. My poor camera couldn’t handle the contrast and took ages before the fog cleared enough to use it.

Some of our tour companions were also gathered there including a Here it iscouple of Aussies, Martin and Paul, who were looking distinctly wilted. Apparently they’d arrived there a lot earlier and had just about had enough of the place.

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