Visiting this charming, relatively little-visited region in the north is one of the best things to do in Italy. It has a wealth of attractions and activities to entertain, from majestic cathedrals and castles, to fine food and wine. Here are seven of our favourite highlights of Bologna & Emilia-Romagna:

Bologna’s restaurants: a meal out in the gastronomic capital of Italy is a rite of passage for any true food-lover.

Modena’s Duomo: one of the finest Romanesque buildings in Italy, with some magnificent decoration inside and out.

Parma and its food: Parma is inextricably linked to two great delicacies, Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, both of which can be sampled in the city or in the surrounding region.

Rocca Viscontea: northern Emilia-Romagna’s most majestic castle.

Brisighella’s festivals: this medieval village is known for its truffle, polenta and olive festivals in autumn.

Ravenna’s mosaics: unrivalled both in beauty and preservation, these mosaics are unmissable.

Rimini’s nightlife: the hottest, loudest, wildest and fastest-changing in the country.

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