spiritual connectionAmazed to see the transformation which Nepal has undergone since I visited last year. From shattered n battered taxis n personal cars of only Maruti 800s and vans, it was pleasant to see latest models other than luxury plying on road. A country where having a proper bus stand, school or a hospital was a sight, now boasts of malls (although fewer in number) and showrooms. Women have updated their clothing to big brands. Real estate is picking up. Security has been tightened.

And the best part is that even walking down alone in a desolate, dark road to my hotel at 9pm, I did not face neither came across any eve teasing or any lewd comments.

Nepal is the country to watch out for in coming years.

The pictures i will be posting here today reflects the beauty of Nepal through its society, culture, mountains and nature.

If you ever go to Nepal, make sure you definitely get to fly over mighty Mount Everest and get to see its ranges. Book a chartered plane from Tribhuvan international airport ad get set go for mount everest. Clad with snow this is one thing u will remember for spiritual connectionyour life.

Pashupatinath mandir is revered and respected place for nepalese to visit and pray there. Also visit nagar kot for appreciating the hill and picturesque beauty of nepal. while on journey to nagarkot you will come the life and culture of nepalese living outside the city.

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