Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Australia

Every year millions of visitors flock from all over the globe to this Gold Coast beach to surf, swim and party. Surfers Paradise is full of fun and entertainment all day long. During the day, you can either head to the beach, shop, or attend one of the numerous theme parks and attractions such as Sea World, Movie World, bungee jumping, etc. At night, Surfers Paradise keeps jumping with various clubs, bars and the famous Conrad Jupiters Casino.

Getting There
The nearest major international airport is Brisbane Airport in Queensland, Australia

Airport transportation
Brisbane is 48 miles (77 km) from Surfers Paradise. From the airport, you can either rent a car or catch a coach to the Gold Cost. If you are not in a rush to hit the surf, the city of Brisbane is a nice place to visit and has plenty of shops and restaurants to occupy your interests.

Surfers is busiest during the Australian summer season, December — February, when the beaches are frequented by tourists, locals and crowds of young students on summer break. In addition to being the most crowded, the summer months can get very hot and humid with an occasional rain-shower. Don’t forget your sunscreen; you can burn in minutes. We prefer visiting in late spring (October/November) when there are fewer crowds and the water is just warm enough for swimming.

A multitude of lodging options exist in Surfers Paradise, ranging from tall luxury hotels to rented apartments to inexpensive hostels. A comprehensive listing can be found at the Australian Explorer. Hostels are an inexpensive accommodation option for beach bums and backpackers where cost varies by room, amenities and the number of people.

If you are daring, jump-start your morning with vegamite (a favorite Australian spread made from yeast) on toast and wash it down with a cup of tea. If that’s not appealing don’t worry; Surfers is a popular international/commercial tourist spot with plenty of restaurants for everyone’s taste. There’s everything from Asian to Italian to McDonald’s, although the Australians have even added their own Aussie flavor to the golden arches. When you order a hamburger, don’t be surprised if comes with one of their favorite toppings: a beet root, a fried egg, or a slice of pineapple.

Travel Tips
As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise is just one of the many great surfing areas on the eastern coast of Australia. You don’t have to be able to show off Hawaii Five-O style to try it out. There are plenty of rental shops and instructional camps for all levels. Alternatively, you can use a boogie board or just plain body surf. The best surfing is beyond the sandbar a short swim from the beach; keep in mind that the swim back to shore can be difficult, especially after an active day of surfing.

While you are there
If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic spot, take a day trip to Byron Bay, just over the New South Wales border. For the 30-something and older crowd, Byron Bay provides an intimate and more relaxing atmosphere with the right touch of shops and restaurants. If you want a break from the beach, a short drive inland provides opportunities for camping, biking and hiking, as well as a chance to visit a number of national parks and nature reserves.

To fake that you’ve been there
Boast about the waves and how you learned some pretty cool surfing tricks from Rusty Miller, former USA Champion. If you need proof, you can send Rusty an email for information on his personal surfing classes in Byron Bay NSW Australia.

Linking for a better vacation
When planning a trip, check out the Australian Explorer and visit this guide to Surfers Paradise.

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