Maglev Train As I am writing the alarm on the safe is ringing. I musta hit the wrong button. Now I have to call the concierge. So I called and someone answered in Mandarin. “Help unlock my safe. The alarm is ringing.”Whats safe” So I said “Get me help”. Next thing a nock on the door. Guy comes in and asks in English whats wrong. Next he leaves and some one else comes 10 mins later with a gadget to open the safe.”u know how to use?” yes. “I show u” lol
Done. ( So 2 people for 1 task.)That about sums up the logic here. They have people to just push buttons,open doors,stand around etc…
Upon landing we took the “maglev train” We were wisked away at an astounding 431 kms per hour on a track for 10 mins. Maglev is magneetic levitation. Fastest I ever went on land and first time on one of these.

We ate in a beautiful dining room that was vertually empty except for the help. More help than guests. I counted 3 tables and more help than guests. Thi is a new hotel which opened in May. Everything is pristine.

Our room is out 431 KMS per Hour! ON LAND!of this world. Our bathtub is egg shaped so that when we wake up we can get crackin’ As you see in the pic, we can watch what goes on.

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