image.Today is the day! Rachel, Hailey, Sara and I were dropped off at the Columbus airport this morning at 8am by Dear Husband. We made it through security despite Rachel’s negligence in including a full water bottle in her carry-on. None of the girls have been out of the country or have even flown before, so there’s a pretty big learning curve here. We are all really excited for the adventure ahead!

We are traveling with two other groups: one from a high school in Iowa and one from New Albany High School in Ohio! The other groups are all Spanish classes, whereas we are just a service learning group. Luckily, Sara speaks some Spanish, so we are trusting her to not sell us off. &#x1F60A

Evening update: our flights have been delayed, but not devastatingly so. We will be landing in Quito about 2 hours late, but I’ve notified EF and everything is being tracked.

Much love,

Meg Schmidt

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