Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai ranks as the top destination for Thais wanting to travel during the upcoming cool season. According to the survey, conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), some 39% said that they wanted to go to Chiang Mai, 11% said they chose Loei province, and 9% said they wanted to go to the resort island of Phuket. NIDA conducted the opinion poll among 1,245 Thais nationwide at all educational levels and careers.

Regarding travel companions, 73% said they wanted to go with family, 19% said with friends, and 8% said with lovers. For each journey, most of them said they planned to take three to four days for a holiday and to spend around Bt14,500 per person. Concerning types of accommodation, 30% said they would stay at resorts, 23% at hotels, and 20% at relatives’ or friends’ homes. 42% said they searched for tourism information from the internet, 41% from relatives and friends, and 23% from television.

Source: MCOT


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