Real Nob Hotel- think no one knows EnglishMonday morning our bus departed Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, Brazil at 10-30am heading south to Puero Allegra. We unfortunately could only get semi Cama class which is seats that recline but not fully, no food and no blankets. But we had come prepared with snacks, warm clothing and extra to put over us, as well as games to while away the time.

As luck would have then, many seats were empty including the 2 front upstairs seats which we quickly claimed, until they filled at Puerto Allegra at night fall. This part of Brazil has bad smog, possibly a combination of large cities, industries and fires. This ruined the lovely scenery and lakes that flew past our windows.

Roads are mostly 4 lanes, with either a concrete divider or a nature strip. Well sign posted, lots of service stations,lots of traffic.

At Puerto Allegra we took on enough people to totally fill the bus almost to capacity and overfill the luggage compartment. People were asked to change seats and the back 2 rows were crammed with suitcases, there is no limit to how much you can take on board with you, or how much luggage for the hold. Smog/fog/mist

8pm we got a tea break somewhere in Brazil, and the chance to use a rest rooms. Always keep a couple of rials or pesos for visits to these places to pay for and obtain the toilet paper from the lady dispensing this just inside the toilets. Many loos have no paper either so carry tissues.

Another stop at 11-30pm for more food and rest rooms, still in Brazil and one look at a buffet full of greasy food after being woken from a deep sleep did not do it for me at all.

At 3-30am lights went on in the bus again, we were at the border and needed to do immigration formalities, so all off the bus with passports to depart Brazil. Easy, quick, back on the bus, lights still on, as Argentina now needed to see us.

Paso de Los Libre was the name of the little Argentinian town, right near the border of Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. They were well prepared for the bus load of either Argentinian’s or Brazilians who share a recirpcoity agreement to cross borders, no visas needed. But not prepared for one lone Australian with my paid reciprocity front seat upstairs viewsreceipt, and Australian passport. Managed to hold the whole bus up while they had to manually sort this little dilemma out.

So back on the bus and headed off to dreamland until 9am! An 11am stop in Argentina for coffee and a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and BA arrival at 2-30pm. Our luggage got scanned there before we made it inside, not sure about the people who got off prior to BA.

From there it was a walk out of Retiro bus terminal to some other buses outside. This is one seriously large place, the major bus interchange for the capital, huge! Pouring rain, we quickly caught a one hour bus to LaPlata and then a city bus to the house. Gas heater on and gas hot water on for much needed shower.

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