Hi Everybody, can’t talk long. I am in Fuxin with Miao and her parents. We are staying in their apartment and we have basically been eating every lunch and dinner with various relatives… it has been very interesting. They have been very gracious to me and treat me very well. It is really nice in this city. It is small, but very populated. For the blog, I have pictures only this week, as I have been very busy with social commitments. I did film a short 10-second video for a Gmail contest on YouTube at a big square in this city with a Mao statue.

If you really want you can see the short video JUST CLICK HERE.

Today we take a 15 hour sleeper-train ride to Beijing, stay one night, then take a 12-hour sleeper-train to Taiyuan to meet up with my buddy Jun. We met Jun earlier in my trip in Dalian, but now we will be staying for 3 days in his very historic city.

After Taiyuan we go back to Beijing for 3 nights and then I am home, back to studying accounting at UNO.

Take care everyone and have a great one!

P.S. I am wearing the Hawaiian shirt from my friend Bret’s wedding every day here in Fuxin, because Miao’s parents LOVE it, and they wash it every night so I can wear it the next day.

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