One of the hui muslim that was fascinated by my hantu stories10:00am, Deserts of Dunhuang
The bus left at 10:00am and after what happened last night, i wanted to get the hell out of Dunhuang. After three hours in the bus, i got to a place called louyuan which is the center for rail to Urumqi.

1:30pm, LouYuan
Dammit. My train leaves at 7:00pm. I missed the last train by 10 minutes. No matter. I went to a nearby muslim restaurant and had some delicious beef noodles. I hanged out with two other muslims till 7:00pm. It was nice talking to them with drawings and scribbles on paper.

7:00pm, LouYuan Train Station
I couldn’t get a bed and the trip would take 12 hours. I got on a hard seat and was seated facing three students from dunhuang university. They did not speak english either so we had fun scribbling and drawing and win-lose-or-drawing. I managed to account my story in the desert and they seemed to enjoy it with excitement and eerie look on their faces.

12:00am, On the train to Urumqi
I saw a fight!! For the first time there i saw a fight in china. 2 guys versus three on the train!! They were punching and kicking and one of them even fell on me. He then took a bottle of beer and smashed it on the other guy. BLOOD EVERYWHERE! But he did not go unconscious.. Soon, all the train officers came and seperated the fight putting each of them in different coaches. It was fun to watch! Hehehehhe…

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