Kids are kidsThese are the first days of December in Addis Ababa. Within the gated community of the Hilton, one will find people in the basic pursuit of making a living. Work or play, activity is frenzied. One can see men, women, boys and girls, from different backgrounds, selling, buying, products, and services, legal or not, all in the hope of advancing one’s personal reason for being.
The hotel lobby is full of stuff to buy. One can see the liquor bar, book store, souvenirs, on the spot roasted, brewed coffee with low sitting stools. No Java Dave’s by any stretch if the imagination. There’s a restraurant with a breakfast buffet for 125Birh. That’s about $15 dls. Business men and women, ladies of the night, 24 hour bank, a grocery store.
With day time temperatures at about 70 degrees f, there are many people swimming, playing tennis and mini golf.
Within the protected, 15 acre compound of the Hilton, one can find just about anything that the discriminating consumer might desire.
From the upper stories of the building one will observe a tall wall. Part concrete, part wrought iron, and part steel mesh wire, the wall encloses and secures this forted gated community Smoke hovers in the morningof the Hilton.
The wall separates us from the other side. There are people there, too, and lots of activity, but with the obvious apparent difference. There’s a lot less for a lot more.
Colossal poverty is present just feet away from the Hilton.
It seems that the contributing bloggers that came before me, were correct with their descriptions of this city.
Yet, my many friends here in Ethiopia, tell me that these city folk are doing well when compared to the conditions present outside the city.
We will visit there soon.

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