View from the roadLiza (another VSO) and her partner, Rupert, came up to Robe on holiday. Hooray! More visitors with a vehicle! They very kindly took me out with them for a couple of days.

They stayed with me on Saturday night, mainly because the Bekele Mola only had a twin room and the other nice hotel, the Bale Park, didn’t have a room that night. So, on Sunday morning, after an amazing number of cups of tea for Liza, we headed to Dinsho, the Bale Mountain Park Headquarters, with Elias their driver. We called in on Deb and Alastair on arrival, who recommended that we get a guide from the lodge and head to the Web Valley as we wanted to walk.

It was wonderful. Such a beautiful, untouched place. One of the highlights was seeing giant mole rats – favourite food of the Ethiopian Wolf. It seemed as though the mountain chats were signalling to them that it was safe, as they would visit a hole and seconds later the mole rat would appear. Walking in this wilderness area was amazing.

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