Don’t go to Japan or Australia if you’re looking after your pennies. A new poll from the Economist Intelligence Unit has placed Tokyo and Osaka as the first and second most expensive cities in the world, followed closely by Sydney, Oslo and Melbourne. Personally, I didn’t find Oslo too bad, but as a Londoner I’m probably au fait with sky-high prices; my home town is sitting pretty at 16.

The survey, which is based on the cost of 160+ items ranging from transport, utilities and food and drink, has seen Australia’s cities soar in the last couple of decades. Zurich, meanwhile, has dropped from the top spot to seventh place.

The 10 least expensive cities, on the other hand, include Karachi in Pakistan, Mumbai and Delhi in India, Nepal’s Kathmandu and Algiers in Algeria. Bucharest, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Panama City, Jeddah and Tehran make up the rest.

Incidentally, we have some great tips for visiting Tokyo for free and enjoying Sydney without spending money.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The top ten most expensive cities in the world:

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Osaka, Japan
3. Sydney, Australia
4. Oslo, Norway
4=. Melbourne, Australia
6. Singapore
7. Zurich
8. Paris
9. Caracas, Venezuela
10. Geneva, Switzerland

What do you think of the findings? Where was more expensive than you were expecting?

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