Whether you’re keeping warm on the slopes, shovelling the driveway, or hiding your face from your upcoming bank heist. A balaclava is a must-own item for anyone dealing with cold weather. While you can always find a plain jane face-warmer at just about any outdoor store, sometimes you want something more. Something quirkey, weird, fightening, or just downright weird. Make yourself and those who see you laugh with these 20 awesome balaclavas.

The Beardski Prospector Ski Mask Balaclava

Inspired by the gold-prospectors of the Klondike gold rush. The Beardski Prospector Ski Mask is water resistant and washable ski mask that will keep you looking stylishly hilarious and incredibly warm. Made with thermal fleece to keep you warm. This balaclava has adjustable attachment flaps, meaning one size fits all. This realistic beard face warmer is going to rock you socks.

The Free Fisher Knit Beard Face warmer

Find the realistic beard balaclava too creepy? Go quirkey with this knitted beard variety. Perfect for skiers, snowboarders, or cold people that can’t grow their own beard. Your face will thank you. The Free Fisher Knit Beard comes with both the tuque (or knit cap for you non-Canadians) along with the facewarmer portion.

Call of Duty Balaclava

COD players and winter-haters will rejoice with this awesome balaclava. Scare children, or just look like a total badass with this silk screened Call of Duty “Ghosts” Balaclava. I would like to add that this would be the perfect face warmer to pwn some n00bs on the slopes.

Cold Avenger Expedition Balaclava

I recently read that workers in Antarica that have to be outside for long periods of time have to breath in air from inside their jackets using a funky tube system. The ColdAvenger Expedition Balavlaca is sort of a consumer-take on that. Avoid breathing in cold air by breathing in air that’s been warmed up by your body. This type of funky / freaky balaclava is supposed to keep your core temperature up in the coldest weather. While more normal than the others, it’s included just because it makes me think of Darth Vader or something out of Battlestar Galactica (great show btw).

Creepy Clown Neoprene Face Mask / Balaclava

Keep your face warm and your friends thoroughly freaked out with this creepy clown neoprene balaclava. Fully reversible, this face mask stops extreme cold and wind. Comfortable openings for eyes, nose, and mouth.

America Face mask

Whether you’re American or not, wearing this red white & blue flag-styled balaclava can make just about anyone want to say ‘MURICA. This American Flag Balaclava could be a great mask to take along with you if you ever find yourself snowboarding abroad. Show a little American pride and don’t forget to sing the Star Spangled Banner if you find a crowd staring at you.

Santa beard balaclava

Ho ho ho! This Santa Beard Balaclava is a festive variation of the above bearded balaclavas. Great for that special time of year, or simply to show you kids that santa can compete with the rest of the snowboarders on the mountain. Match this with a red winter suit and you’ll be ready to take all the milk & cookies.

Venom Face mask

While this Venom Balaclava doesn’t technically use the official Marvel branding of “Venom”. It’s clear to any 90’s era Spiderman cartoon watcher that this is Venom, Spiderman’s nemesis. Show some teeth on the snowboard, psych out competitors, or just embrace the evil that is Venoms alien-goo lineage.

Bloody face mask

Nothing gets attention from passer-by’s like a bloody face. Save yourself a nasty face-plant and wear this Bloody Face Balaclava. From afar it does a surprisingly good job at convincing people that you just took a beating. As you get closer, you’ll be sure to crack a few smiles.

Monkey Face Mask / Balaclava

Embrace one of our closest cousins in the animal kingdom with this incredibly awesome Monkey Face Balaclava. Extra points goes to anyone who can pull this one off while imitating monkey sounds. You’ll either be the funniest looking fellow on the slopes, or the most annoying.

Yellow smiley moustache face mask

Support Movember all winter long with this oddly creepy and somewhat amusing Moustache Face Mask. The bright yellow face will ensure you’re easily recognized from afar. Nothing says “gentleman” quite like this moustache. Clearly a balaclava for the sophisticated skier or snowboarder.

Cthulhu / Zoidberg / Octopus Balaclava

I’m not completely sure what this weird looking Octopus Balaclava is all about, but all I know is that I like it. Inspired either by the elder-god Cthulhu, or perhaps Futurama’s Zoidberg, this tentacle face balaclava is sure to turn some heads.

Viking Balaclava

Nothing says badass of the mountains like a Viking Balaclava. Conquer and pillage the slopes all while looking like a very odd, very warm Viking. The perfect gift for anyone with family roots from Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

Creepy Bear Face Balaclava

Ever wanted to give a child nightmares? This Creepy Bear Face Balaclava is the perfect gift for that. Or… I guess… maybe fans of Care Bears? I’m not even sure – all I know is this balaclava creeps me out and makes me chuckle.

Sideburns Moustache Face Mask

Fan of sideburns? What about moustaches? Hate the idea of being without your facial works of art? Then this very weird sideburns-moustache face mask is perfect for you. Stay warm and grab some attention on the slopes, or just while you’re out shovelling your driveway.

Have you come across any other awesomely weird / freaky / funny balaclavas or face masks? Share them in the comments below!


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