Two tourists had a 21st century excuse for driving their Fiat through a pedestrian area of Venice ,they blame all of this to the Google Maps.

“We’re just trying to reach our hotel which should be two kilometers from here,” one of the two tourists told a local, according to La Nuova. “Google Maps sent us this way.”

A pedestrian was almost hit by the car along the Grand Canal, reported La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre, at which point locals confronted the confused visitors.

Of course, anyone can get confused nagivating in a new city.

As for blaming Google Maps, directions through the service typically involve walking upon arriving in Venice.

Cars are banned in Venice, where gondolas and water buses are the preferred modes of transportation after walking.

There are many signs in Venice that warn not to drive their cars into the historic city, but that doesn’t stop visitors from trying: Another two tourists were stopped by police last month when they drove their Mercedes into Venice, according to The Local.


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