Top 10 Reasons to Travel by Train

Popular U.S. Train Travel Routes

with Orlando and is a great way to get to Florida with your car! You travel in a typical Amtrak passenger car, while your car or motorcycle rides in an enclosed car carrier at the end of the train.

to Rutland, Vermont, is a perfect choice to see the fall foliage of New England — as is the Adirondack, which travels between New York and Montreal.

U.S./Canada Rail Passes

(via Atlanta) and operates on a daily basis.

and everywhere in between.

to the West, winding its way through the Rocky Mountains for one of the most scenic train rides in the country.

and Seattle and is another very popular and scenic train trip — it features floor-to-ceiling windows in its Sightseer Lounge.

throughout North America.

The World’s Most Spectacular Train Trips

U.S. Rail Travel Tips

Read your ticket for information regarding reservations, services and bonuses.

As with air travel, be prepared to deal with cancellations and delays.

If you are traveling overnight and need rest, plan on getting a sleeper car.

If you need a sleeper car, be sure to make your reservations well in advance.

Dress comfortably. Also, bring an extra sweater and comfortable shoes.

Find out the hours of the dining car and schedule your meals accordingly.

Avoid close connections.

Don’t leave luggage unguarded on the train or in the station.

On night trains, secure baggage to the rack with a small bicycle lock.

Keep your valuables in a concealed money belt when sleeping on trains.

Purchase earplugs at any pharmacy to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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