Me and Suzy and "little boy"“Over Spring Break I went to Baja Mexico with my dad, it was awesome! The first day we got there we got our friends from the airport and went to the hotel called Boutique (I think). Then we went to this taco place. It was really good. The next day we went the supermarket to buy things we needed. I bought a doughnut. On Saturday, we went to a couple wineries and my dad bought wine, and lots of it. Sunday we went to only 2 wineries and then stayed at the hotel. We went in the pool and went to the foosball room.” – Sofia

Time for another trip out of the country, and this time to our neighbor, Mexico. It was my first time there and my 52nd country. I was also to visit a new city in the USA, another one in the state of California….San Diego. Daddy had wanted to do this trip for a while. He has a good German friend, Ralf, who he met in Honduras about 15 years ago and they still keep in touch. He is now married to Lara, from Mexico, and they live in Mexico City with Loved the Pigtheir 4 year old son, Milan. Daddy and Ralf are both really into wine and soccer, so why not meet up for some wine tasting in Baja California when USA plays Mexico for world cup qualifications.



So, we flew to San Diego and rented a car to cross over the border to Mexico. Before we even new it, we were in Mexico. We then waited a few hours for our friends to arrive at the Tijuana Airport. There was not much to do there, but I finished one of the books I brought (Diary of Whimpy Kid) and daddy let me stay on a massage chair for more than 30 minutes. So before long, they arrived.

We then drove about 2 hours to our really cool hotel, Hotel Botique Valle de Guadalupe. Such a cool hotel. We stayed on the second floor of the room and they had the bottom. It had a nice pool, breakfast area, and play room (pool table and foosball). I loved all the animals….a dog, horses, and pigs. We dropped off our stuff and headed to a place to get tacos. A “hole in the Riding a Tractorwall” type place that served very yummy food.

The next 2 days we went to a lot of different wineries. They were all very different. A cool video and purple vines at Bodega Santo Tomas, Dungeon like room at Baron Balche, to a sand box and tractor at Abrogado it was a lot of fun. I had fun playing in the yards, the animals, and trying different food. We went for lunch each day and it was really good. I really liked Mexican food. I also did a lot of reading, and by the 2nd day, I finished both of my books. Daddy was proud.

We had fun playing soccer at the hotel and I had a lot of fun being with Ralf, Lara and Milan. Milan was a lot younger than me and did not speak English, but he was very cute. He kept on pretending he was fighting monsters and things. At night we had meet, cheese and bread and just hung out. Lots of fun.

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