At the Ger villageWell i’ve been working at the Ger village now for the last 2wks, i’ll miss this place when i leave.
The organization i’m working for is the Christina Noble childrens foundation ( they do a lot of great things as well as the Ger village. They also work at the childrens prison teaching them skills for when they’re released and have a big sponsership project with about 6000 kids on it.
My days at the Ger village are spent playing with the kids, but i’ve also been helping them with some english! They love singing and the 2 english songs they know are ‘you are my sunshine’ and ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ but they don’t know the right words, so thats been my job, its quite funny they just can’t get ‘up above the world so high’, but we’re getting there! I feel really bad as after 2 weeks i still don’t know their names, they’re so hard to pronounce, but the good thing is they can’t say Karen either!
One of the big fund raisers for the foundation is the Mongol rally, which has just finished so the kids put on a show and there was a big party last At the Ger villagenight, my only night out in Ulaan baatar!
The other thing cncf does is a give a Ger scheme, they have the horrible job of choosing who, from people living in poverty, should get a home! They give away over a hundred every year. I got to go out with them last week when they were giving away 6 Gers in a day, to a number of families who’s building had burnt down, the same week Mongolia had major flooding and hundreds of other families also lost there homes. The ones in the flood where helped by the goverment, but these people spent 2 weeks living in sheds until they got new Gers! It was good to see all the families coming together to put the Gers up, it only takes them about 45 mins for each one and these people suddenly have a home better than the building they where living in to start with!
The host family’s not really been that great, i’ve got no complaints about the accommodation or the food, but i do feel a bit like i’m in the way and end up spending a fair bit of time in my room when i’m home! At the Ger villageThe volunteering makes up for it though and i am having a fab time here!

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