I consider myself a progressive thinker and semi-wordly in my view but this conversation with Atul (the COO) was an eye opener even for me. We talk a lot about out sourcing work to India but now India is talking about outsourcing work to someone else. They have their eye on climbing the value proposition food chain and they are hungry and ambitious. This is going to sound harsh but I feel like I must say it. I know us Americans like to talk about “American Inginuity” but that is bull shit. To think that we are inherently better than another country or people because of some national quality is as silly as Germans thinking they are better than Jews. Indians, and other countries for that matter, aren’t satisfied by doing dirty work for other countries. Being poor drives them even harder. They have PHDs. Work harder, longer, and on their own time. We on the other hand live a relatively luxurious lifestyle, where they will pack 5 people on a moped we must have an SUV.

I’m not saying we can’t be better but it is going to be a scrap, one we don’t even know we’re in, and oh by the way, need to lose 30 lbs. to get ready for. It’s like global warming/climate change. You may not believe it or like it but its happening and by the time you start to notice it, guess what, it’s too late.

Of course this applies most to those on the “front lines”, tech jobs like mine but it will have ripple affects in our economy, culture, stature, and quality of life for us and future generations as the growing middle class in 3rd world countries begins competing for jobs, products, etc.

My suggestion, encourage kids to be in math and science. Don’t coddle them. Hold them accountable and expect them to do great things, I bet they will.

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