Well it happened, just like they said it would. We were being careful, but none the less it happened. Laura got mugged. Last night going from the airport to the resturant it happened. We are both safe and nobody was hurt. They didnt take her watch, or her money, her room key or her jewelery, her sneakers, passport or credit cards. They took her bug spray. Yes thats right, bug spray, out of everything that she had in her pockets the went for the bug spray. And they left the cap behind. We have no idea how it happened or really where or when it happened, (we can narrow it down, but dont have a specific time or place) but the fact that they took the bug spray and left the cap in her pocket is really slick. We are both alright, I will repeat that again, WE ARE BOTH FINE AND NOTHING OF VALUE WAS STOLEN. We just cracked up laughing when we found out, because if you think about it, its quite humorous.

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