Waterberg plateauOur next stop was Waterberg Plateau Park back down on the B1 road. Waterberg Plateau is a huge plateau – huge! It dominates the landscape. We had planned to do some walking trails here and enjoy the outdoors. The weather was fine by now with no sign of rain. We were due to stay at Waterberg for two nights, our last two nights in Namibia, but decided that one would be enough. This was because although the plateau was magnificent, the actual accommodation was so close to it, you could not really sit back and enjoy the view. The accommodation was a little basic compared to what we had been used to, and so we decided that we wanted to spend our last night in Namibia somewhere else. So although the pool was lovely, and I enjoyed swimming in it and relaxing around it in the sunshine and the restaurant and adjoining ‘pub’ were fine – we checked out the following day. We could have done some walking trails, but it would be pretty hot to do them in the daytime, and they were not long enough to be ‘trails’ really. We could have done a game drive onto the plateau, Waterberg plateau againand they do have black rhino, but you are not guaranteed to see rhino of course, and the other animals we had seen plenty of, so we did not feel we were missing out on anything. On the morning that we left we saw some Damara Dik Diks eating the grass around the chalets. They are tiny little deer/antelopes and very shy. I stood for quite a while watching them, they were really sweet. If you are thinking of staying at Waterberg for a few days, I would suggest that the shop (certainly when we were there) is not that well stocked and you should think about coming prepared. The restaurant do cater for breakfast and lunch though, so I suppose it depends on your budget and your preferences. We did not have breakfast or lunch at the restaurant – maybe we should have done!

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