we’ve been to botswana, which was wonderful as you can see on our pics! I’ll tell you about one special adventure in detail:

The elefant attack

We were sitting on our vehicle, which means we’ve got no cover or protection around us, just benches on a vehicle, one higher than that before. And we came to an elefant, a big bull, which was standing alone. When we arrived he was interested in us, he looked directly at us and stopped eating. just stood there and watched us. And we watched him.
Apparently he found us neutral, because after one minute he started eatig leaves from a tree nearby while he continued staring at us.
Suddenly (very very suddenly) he turned around, facing us again und shook his huge head, so that his trunk swung to the side over his tooth and he went a few steps forward. We were only 10 meters away from him, so the distance was not a lot any more. Richard decided that we should get away from this elefant and started the engine. The problem is, that elefants don’t like the noise of engines. Our elefant got angry and made some steps Coffeebreak in the bushbackwards (so that he had more space to get quicker to us (anlauf)), he kicked some earth with his big foot in our direction and started running.
Really running. The elefant trompeted and followed us.
All went very quick and we were very excited. Mallman even cried “hurry, hurry” to Richard. Richard was already driving away, but around us were many trees and he had to drive slalom, which was not very “hurry”.
But fortunately the elefant found the distance enough and stopped.
It’s really true and Thomas even filmed it for the Unbelievers. We’ll show you!!!

Wir waren in Botswana und hatten ein SEHR aufregendes Erlebnis mit einem Elefanten (siehe oben). Eine Auswahl der Tiere koennt ihr auf den Fotos sehen.

Die tollsten Erlebnisse waren:
– die Elefantenattacke
– Der Leopard, der im Baum lag mit seiner Beute, einem Babyimpala und dann mit dem toten Impala im Maul vom Baum kletterte und neben unserem Auto entlanglief.
– 3 Geparden, im Sonnenuntergang liegend und gehend
– die Loewin mit ihren 2 Babys
– beim Aufwachen 2 Buschboecke 1 Meter vor unserem Zelt
– die Dusche im Freien, Blickschutz durch Zaum aus Baeumen und
– das sehr Toilet-Geckoleckere Essen!!!

Mashatu ist ein besonders heisser Tipp, umgeben von wilder Natur und Tieren. Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir wiedermal dorthin kommen koennen!

Liebe Gruesse aus Hongkong, wo alles GANZ anders ist. Bald folgt ein neuer Eintrag!

Katharina und Thomas

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