MM on an important call.After a very active day we finally made it to the mall and we treated ourselves to Ruby Tuesday’s. The shocking thing about this excursion is that the mall was like any other mall in any Western country. Except for the loud Hindi blaring in the mall’s center (some sort of talent show) it was very “normal”. The contrast also shocked me, outside were very poor people in a street market while inside there were high-end fashion stores.

Ironically we happened to run into Priyanka and her husband (apologies but I can’t remember his name nor spell it, something close to Ashtun?). Priyanka saved the day though, she helped Maria pick out some jewelry and some outfits after Tray and I hadn’t been much help. We had been demoted to watching her purse.

Funny thing about the pants there, Maria was quite upset that the pants she tried on did not fit over her calves. She kept looking at the Indian women’s calves comparing them and hers weren’t any bigger. Turns out the style of pants are completely different and she was pulling them up too high. Lesson learned and I’m sure Maria was very relieved to find out Killer Dressthat her calves weren’t too big.

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