Mana Pools Zimbabwe holidays

Many tourists have chosen Zimbabwe for a trip for its fair share of upheaval, but for political division, or been forced to avoid the country, in spite of its incredible landscape and breath-taking wildlife.

But the dust settles on years of conflict, Zimbabwe’s tourism industry is rising once again, and now is the perfect time to explore the wonders of a country that has been hidden from the outside world for too long.


Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that hosts a variety of incredible wildlife,  which including both elephants and lions. The park is also synonymous with the Zambezi River, which collects in four large pools situated across the land. This allows for a unique combination of both land and water based wildlife, including 350 different species of birds.

Due to the vastness of Mana Pools National Park, there is a variety of terrain as you travel north. In the Karoo sediments, the land transforms into a series of old river terraces. The land is thick with vegetation, and the flat terrains also increase visibility of the incredible landscape.

It’s because of this high visibility that Mana Pools allows for the unique chance to walk alone, unaccompanied by a tour guide, through the land, and fully immersed in the inhabiting wildlife. From zebras to lions, all are in touching distance as you explore this incredible opportunity.

With 2,196 square kilometres of land, the Mana Pools National Park has a lot to offer in terms of exploration, and allows for an experience that would never be forgotten.

Mana Pools Zimbabwe holidays


Victoria Falls

Standing on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls is a true highlight of your Zimbabwe holiday. The incredible sight offers something for both the nature enthusiast and the adrenaline junkie. Named after Queen Victoria by Doctor David Livingstone in 1855, visitors are permitted to explore the falls during the country’s dry season. When there, tourists can bungee jump down the 364ft drop, or for the more cautious, admire the beautiful views from the top of the gorge.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Holidays


National Heroes Acre

For those interested in the rich history of Zimbabwe, the National Heroes Acre offers an insight into the country’s troubled past. Built with the assistance of North Korea, the 57 acre site is situated in Harare, and was built in 1981, one year after Zimbabwe gained its independence.

The memorial commemorates the Patriotic Front guerrillas killed during the Rhodesian Bush War, alongside citizens who have shown dedication and commitment to their country.

Accompanying the memorial is a museum which depicts an in depth history of the Zimbabwean resistance movement. Considering the country’ often chequered past, the history museum allows for an interesting snapshot into the events that shaped the Zimbabwe we know today.

National Heroes Acre, Zimbabwe Holidays


Nyanga National Park

Located 60 miles north of Bvumba, the luscious landscape offers a completely different perspective of Africa. The rocky mountains and vast greenery are unique to this area, and it also offers the opportunity to hike Zimbabwe’s highest peak.

Mt. Nyangani stands at 2, 593 meters and takes the average hiker around three hours to climb. It may seem a substantial challenge, but once you reach the summit, the rewards are tenfold.

The views are unlike any other, and this unique vantage point offers the chance to see the park in its entirety. The beautiful skyline is also something to be remembered, so don’t forget your camera at base camp.


Rock Art Caves

The area now known as the Matobo National Park was once inhabited by the San Bushmen approximately 2,000 years ago. It’s thanks to them that the area is now rich in registered rock sites, allowing a unique glimpse into life of the indigenous African tribes during 320 and 500 C.E.

With such historical significance, the site is regularly explored by archaeologists, and hundreds of artefacts have been recovered in and around the caves.

This isn’t all that the Matobo National Park has to offer however, as the land is also a UNESCO world heritage, and is famous for breeding both black and white rhinos.

Rock Art Caves, Zimbabwe Holidays


These experiences are unique to the country, and such incredible opportunities are perfect for a Zimbabwean holiday of your dreams. Whether you’re a trepid explorer, or an avid admirer, there’s something for everyone in a country whose tourism industry continues to grow year upon year.

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