Friday 21st October 2016

Today is our last day in Botswana as we cross to Namibia later today. We set off driving through Chobe Park, we had to sign in and out. We saw hyenas, lots of birds and a few elephants. When we reached the border we were accosted by the T shirt man. He had missed us in Zimbabe and at the camp site so desperately was hoping to sell them. They were printed up with a map of our trip. We paid for ours and another couples but said we didn’t have enough to pay for the lot. Then we shoed our passports on the Botswana side. We answered a questionnaire with the Botswania tourism board. Then drove to the Zimbabe side. We were screened for ebola, showed our passports and then had to fill in forms for the motorhome. We were told the van was class 2 but they insisted we were class 3. The rest of the group had been arguing for awhile but in the end we had to accept it and pay the tax. Then it was over the bridge into Namibia.

It all looked so much tidier here. The locals live in neatly thatched huts in compounds with grass hedges round the outside. Cattle and goats are everywhere by the roadside but it is difficult to see how they find enough to eat.

Eventually we arrived in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi River Lodge right on the Zambezi river. It was very hot about 36 degrees. So it was straight to the pool followed by a lazy afternoon and a meal with all the group in the evening.