Kruger Park to Botswana

What an amazing adventure. We spent 3 days in Kruger Park and saw a herd of about 200 elephants, crocodiles, hippos, giraffe, wart hogs, velvet monkeys, baboons, rhino, zebra and much more. We had a herd of hundreds of cape buffalo galloping across the road in front of us which was very exciting. Longleat is toyland compared to this.

Camper van is fine now that the cab air conditioning has been fixed, the water leak has been mended and various other bits and pieces have been dealt with.

Weather is great, sometimes hot and sometimes very comfortable.

Potholes at home are nothing compared to here where they are more like craters. On bad roads there are more potholes than tarmac but many roads are very good. Loads of litter though.

Crossing the border into Botswana was interesting today. The customs officials shop from your fridge. They took our red peppers saying that we couldn’t take them through and let other people keep them but asked them if they had green or yellow ones. Some people had their salad stuff confiscated and some didn’t and so on. Still, I am sure they have enough for an excellent communal BBQ now!

Having trouble with the wi-fi so cannot add photos today but will put them on as soon as I get a good signal. Had just finished my blog last night when my data allowance ran out and although saved I lost it all so have had to start again.