Sunday 16th October 2016

Up early again and left last followed by Christo the mechanic. Road good all the way but narrow towards Nata. Simon dropped one wheel off the road and in righting it we swayed alarmingly and I thought we would topple over. Fortunately we stayed upright and carried on. Christo said later he had also thought we were going over and Simon handled it well. We called in at Nata bird reserve on saltpans as we had heard there would be flamingoes and pelicans. It meant driving down yet another long bumpy track. When we got there we found other Bobo campers but only a handful of birds, about 2 pelicans and in 41 degree heat not impressive. Also Mark and Chris had managed to get stuck in the sand. Several people were helping. In the end they had to wedge the wheel up with a piece of wood, dig out the sand and put down all the wood and cardboard everyone could find then we helped push them out. Fortunately it worked!

Finally we arrived at the Nata Lodge. We were in a group of vans who had no electric so the only way to cool down was to get in the pool. After a shower we had a meal in the restaurant under the stars with cicadas and frogs and various birds making a loud background noise. Magical. Hot night without airconditioning but survived.